The Saturday Before

The Saturday Before

By Mary Baird 

The remains of the severe storm the evening before still left dark ominous clouds.  It seemed as if the weather was a back drop for the despair and pain the small group of men and women felt.  Work was not even a distraction since no work could be done.  Everything was hopeless, all was lost, worthless, and only a wishful dream.  No one had any direction and there was little to talk about let alone make plans for the future.  From time to time a teary woman wiped her face trying to hide her grief—after all, many tears had already been shed and no one paid any attention to them anymore.

As Lydia looked out of the upstairs window, she noticed a streak of clearing in the northern sky, and wondered if tomorrow might bring some much-needed sunshine.  But what would that help?  Not even sunshine could bring back the hope and excitement that had been stripped away.

It was getting dusk when the women began to gather the needed items for the next morning.  They were both anxious and fearful of what they would find.  The men were letting them go alone.  None of them saw any use in what the women had planned.  Visiting a place of unimaginable closure was not a place the men wished to relive.

Who could have anticipated that in just a short few hours their universe would be turned upside down?  They had completely forgotten what was told to them or worse, they chose to disbelief it.  But, after all, how could they have remembered after witnessing such cruelty and hate filled proceedings.  If someone as gracious and kind as their teacher could be put to death as a common criminal, then what of them?  Surely their lives were hanging in the balance.  And what of the promises made and miracles witnessed?  Was that all just a dream?

I’ve tried to put myself into that Saturday before our Lord Jesus Christ rose from the grave, and I pictured the few followers of Jesus dashed into despair as they watched Him die such an agonizing death at the hands of their own people.  Their Lord had told them many times that He must die but would be resurrected the third day. Those words had fallen on unbelieving ears.  Wouldn’t you have loved to been there and told them what was going to happen on Sunday?

I imagine you could relate times when you felt all was lost.  When despair was your only friend and nothing seemed worthwhile.  Your dreams were dashed and you had no direction.  As believers, we’ve been given God’s Word that tells us to never fear or lose heart.  We’re told that Jesus will never leave us and our true hope is yet to come.  If you don’t have that hope, I encourage you to read the Gospel of John.  For the one who knows Jesus Christ as their Savior, our Sunday is coming when, at last, we are with our Sovereign.