Do You Not Know?

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Do You Not Know?

By Mary Baird

Isaiah 40:21-31

Isaiah chapter 40 is a superlative tribute to Jehovah God.  In it we find that He is the Sovereign of the universe.  Everything and everybody is under his direction.  We see that God directs the affairs on earth and in Heaven.  And although many do not and will not acknowledge who He is, the day is coming when man will see His glory and fall before Him.

The writer of Isaiah asks an interesting question in verses 21 and 28.  It’s a question that believers should ask today especially as we see a world falling apart and everything turned upside down.  I think all of us sense uneasiness and anxiety as everything we came to depend upon is no longer certain. It’s as if we’re walking on quick sand and wonder if our next step will offer solid ground or take us under.  I heard a statement that sums up what many of us are thinking.  We are living in an insane asylum and the inmates are running the show.

In verse 21 the writer reminds his readers that they surely know and have heard that the Creator of the universe is enthroned above and men are like grasshoppers, God is in total control of every ruler, and all heaven is under His command.  In verse 28 we are reminded that this Creator God never slumbers or sleeps, nothing escapes His attention; He gives His children strength to withstand any on slot of evil, and just when we think we cannot go on, He gives us renewed hope and strength to continue the race.  It’s not a half measure of renewed strength; it’s as if we had wings like an eagle to soar above all the madness we see around us.  But notice that this renewal and strength comes to us as we trust in Him (verse 31).

As I become faint during these frustrating days, and when I’m on the verge of despairing; I ask myself, ‘Mary, do you not know? Mary, have you not heard?’  It brings me back to the only source of security I have.