Are Believers Safe in God?

231Are Believers Safe in God?
By Mary Baird

Romans 8:38 & 39

One of the difficulties for a believer when going through times of trials and testing is maintaining our confidence in God’s love. Our enemy, Satan, loves to whisper doubts in our ear and cause us to question if God cares. I know that’s true for my life and I’ve never met anyone who could honestly say they never doubted.

As I look at the situation in America and then at the situation around the world, my instincts tell me we may be in for more serious economic problems, and we may also be in for volatile international disasters. Those are not pleasant subjects, but I’m a realist and it’s difficult for me to wear rose colored glasses.

As I read through Scripture, every writer that God inspired told people in their time period the truth of things. They never sugar coated coming events and they never lied in order to be popular with the people.

The magnificent other side is that Scripture tells us that absolutely nothing can separate a true born again believer from the love of God. And our passage in Romans gives a list of possibilities a believer might experience to make that point. Look at some of those items. Paul starts out with the scariest scenarios often associated with trials—death and life. We fear death when a disaster happens and we fear life when we know what’s coming. Paul then moves to the angelic realm because Satan still has power to manipulate evil men to do terrible things. The next two items are very familiar to us; the present and the past. The present brings us fear because we don’t know the future and many believers still wrestle with the past. That could be past sins, past injustices done to us, or past frustrations over missed opportunities. Now Paul throws the whole kitchen sink of possibilities for God forsaking us; powers, height, depth, or any other created thing. This list even includes us. We can never wiggle out of the arms of God no matter what we do or don’t do because the Sovereign of the Universe holds us.

Keep in mind that this teaching is for true believers not counterfeit believers. It might serve you well to examine if you are in Christ, or if you only give lip service to Him. No one can know that for sure except you. If you have doubts, you need to pick up a Bible and begin reading the Gospel of John. You may still go through bad times, but one thing you can have is the peace of knowing you belong to the God of the past, present, and future. You have His stamp of ownership.